Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Container Gardening

Due to lack of time and space I decided last year to have a "container garden," I purchased large 50 gallon fabric/ biodegradable pots, I bought 2 whiskey barrel drums, and used planting containers I had around for the rest. See below, I was able to fit quite a variety of veggies in my 50 gallon pot, I had garbanzo beans in the back, pumpkins growing out the sides and up the tree, herbs, kale, beets and carrots. In smaller pots to left I have bell pepper in a similar fabric pot, strawberries in the terra cotta, and the hanging basil to the far right. I like to plant my basil in hanging pots because the snails love them and never save any for me. If they are hanging they cannot get to them ;)
The pumpkin climbing the tree for support works well and looks super cool.
Brussel sprouts, I was able to fit three in this pot. 
Second 50 gallon pot I have, with artichokes, nasturtium, salad greens, and  zuchinni.
My planting season was a huge success, I never had to deal with weeds and the plants did alright even though the conditions were a bit compact. If you cannot have a real garden at your house I highly recommend getting the 50 gallon biodegradable pots and growing a smaller garden.

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