My favorite thing my daddy made for me and so sweet to my heart, french toast                   
My whole life I have enjoyed fresh food and even at a young 3 years old I was constantly in our garden picking warm tomatoes off the vine and enjoying trying all of the gardens treasures. My dad has a serious green thumb and never goes small when he grows a garden. I feel lucky to have soaked up a lot of his knowledge and that the green thumb gene has been passed along. Not only can I take care of plants but I am addicted to and constantly learning more about gardening, techniques, and ways to prepare food. It is truly one of my passions in life, THANKS to my dad for paving a life of love for food and gardening!

Now dad was a great gardener, chicken, pig rabbit and goat farmer, a seasoned fisherman and excellent BBQ'er. He was not a man I saw much "in the kitchen". I have witnessed my dad load the dishwasher never and cook something very few times. But he was a grill artist and could harvest us si much from the land, I have taken a lot after him. My mom however can cook, but doesn't enjoy cooking. She taught me the basics of cooking, crock pottery, and canning and I taught her about cooking fresh instead out of a box or can. 
When I was about 8 I started baking pies, cookies and cakes. I loved planning little parties and executing them. Like any little girl I had tea parties, except I made my own tea brews from herbs growing outdoors, I baked petit fors and crumpets and invited others to enjoy my kitchen creations. I loved trying new things and would always put some sort of spin on my food to make it unique. My theory has always been "if I like it, I might like it together" and its been pretty true so far.

When I got out on my own I became vegetarian and ate only organic. Eating vegetarian lasted about 8 months for me, but I am a protein junkie so this didn't last. I continue to eat mostly organic, and I am very picky about where I buy my meat from to ensure the animal was raised healthy and humanely. I do not eat meat every day, I get proteins from eggs, beans, nuts, yogurt and cheese as a supplement. As you will see I am quite accommodating in my recipes to create  vegan and vegetarian options for those who are.
My love for cooking and baking is now
a 20 year old habit and something I am proud to share with the world.

 You may also notice (or I hope you will notice) a lot of my recipes are Italian based, there is good reason for this... Although I am not personally Italian, growing up my favorite dishes were Italian dishes: spaghetti and meatballspizza, and lasagna. It wasn't until I went to Italy in 2011 that I realized it was truly my favorite kind of food, I was in heaven. The ingredients used there are so rustic and natural and the flavor shows. The practices for farming are still traditional and very natural to the earth still. I didn't dare eat any of my own cooking in Italy, instead eating out for every meal and tasting what the Tuscan region truly has to offer, and it was truly amazing. When I create Italian dishes I try my best to keep things very natural, earthy and flavorful, just like I tasted in Italy. I can't wait to travel other countries, learn about their foods, and then get inspired by more amazing technique and flavor.
Well I hope you have learned a little more about me and how I became the cook I am today. Thanks so much for reading!
Come back soon! And please enjoy a few raspberries I grew before you go!

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