Urban Farm and Garden

I grew up living a country life, raising livestock and growing huge gardens with my family year after year. We butchered our own chickens, we had laying hens, we learned to self can and preserve food, we picked and froze food, fished, dehydrated, smoked, and learned many methods to live off our own land. Now I live in the city and within the confines of a smaller yard, but I attempt to live the country life in the city as much as possible. I wouldn't be me if I did not have a garden or fresh produce in my life. I have a small scale garden at my home and a much larger garden I share with my family who lives down the street. Just this year we have incorporated a chicken coop in our back yard, and have had much success with the two chickens I found on craigslist. I try my best to live a sustainable lifestyle and work hard on our own land in attempts to preserve resources and eat the freshest best produce, that I know exactly where it came from.

See these links to learn more about our urban gardening and raising chickens see these pages:

Porch and Container Gardening

Chickens and Chicken Coop

Kids and Gardening

Straw Gardening

Community Garden

This was 2011 container garden season, pretty awesome with such little space!As you can see I was able to grow quite a variety of foods in this little amount of space. Pictured here is strawberries, bell pepper, beets, pumpkin, herbs, basil, garbanzo beans and carrots.
Our chicken coop built by a friend. Cost of supplies was around $150, labor 2 days or so.
These are the 50 gallon biodegradable pots we use for small scale gardening.
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