Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Backyard or Porch Container Gardening

This year, since my permanent location is still... not permanent; I have decided to take another approach to growing my own food at home. In addition to a backyard garden I will be creating with friends, I am also preparing myself for a more permanent garden. I have started with container plants, that will be able to transplant down the road or keep as container plants as sort of a "mini garden".

These are raspberry plants that are babies still, this year these 1 gallon pots will do, but next year they will need a larger pot to grow in.

A pretty little herb basket, I figured I'd like a basket of herbs in my kitchen window too, so I made this.

These are the starts I purchased to plant in my container garden this season.

Little pots of nasturtiums, these little guys will need something to climb like a small trellis or a pole of bamboo, if they are able to climb further they will will travel quite far in one summer. 
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