About Me

Hello my name is Stacy, and welcome to my recipe and gardening blog! I live in Oregon, where I backyard garden, have free range chickens, and where I also run my own daycare, go to school online, and keep up with my blog on my breaks. My hobbies include hiking, photography, swimming, gardening, travelling and of course cooking. Creating in the kitchen is one of my many passions and something I loved even as a kid! I enjoy a free range to the kitchen and to create a healthy spin on new and old dishes. (See my inspiration story)

Growing a garden makes me happy in a way I cannot explain and so does eating fresh, organic, and healthy foods. When you cook with whole ingredients it creates amazing tasting food and a feeling of connection to the food you eat. My goal is to not only bring fresh and delicious dishes to the table but to also find ways to cook dishes without excessive calories and fat. My recipes are "original" because I have in some way made a well known dish into a healthier dish and hopefully I much tastier guilt-free dish.

Happy cooking and gardening to you, I hope in some way I can inspire you and that you'll come back  to see what we are up to next or connect yourself and follow us!!!!
Have a beautiful day,


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