Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mother's Blessing Way

Here we have a table with a Prayer flag station and beading supplies for a lovely rainbow catcher hanging crystal.

My friends and I held a really beautiful baby shower for our good friend and mama to be, but getting closer to the date we decided to gather up the girls to plan out a meal train for mom and dad to be. We found a really great website for this and decided that our meal planning session could be inclusive to mom, since the site would organize most of it anyway and what we were really craving was quality time together before she had her baby.

I made sure everyone knew to bring a bead for one of our crafts; which was making a rainbow catcher for the birthing space and a decoration for the babies room. Were we would all add a "special bead" and discuss where it came from and why it was sentimental and add it to the chain with the hanging crystal.
A collection of our beads along with the rainbow catching crystal in abalone shell. 

Planned ever so perfectly, we started her day by planning a pregnancy photo session, that turned out beautifully! When she arrived at my home later, we pampered her with a warm essential oil foot bath and massage, braided her hair. While she sat we made her a belly cast, talked and ate an amazing dinner, all while creating beautiful memories together and a event to remember! 
Mama belly cast 

To make a belly cast: Buy 2 packages of plaster of paris strips, coat moms belly in olive oil first! The process is pretty simple, just find a comfy chair and area you are not worried about getting wet or messy. Fill up a medium sized bowl with warm water and as you go soak the strips and set them on mom's oil coated belly and smooth out as you go. Once it is dry is should slowly come off with a little assistance. Once its dry it can be painted and hung up.
Prayer flag station. 

To make prayer flags: Cut fabric to small rectangles of your size choice and leave out with sharpies, paints, and a prayer flag for ideas and artistry. The goal being to inspire positive thoughts and meditation. This can also be hung in babies room after they are born. Once all flags are made, simply sew of even glue gun onto long string about an inch apart. I glued the corners of the fabric squares as well to prevent unravelling, I suggest you do this too. 
Our finished collaborative prayer flag, so much love!

Finished Blessing Way Care Package

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P.S. If you are interested in buying a Mother's Blessing Way Kit, I would love to put together one special just for you with everything you need to host your own Blessing Way. You can email me directly: celebrationexperts@gmail
 Each kit cost $25 for everything you need including hanging crystal, prayer flag, and belly cast (shipping is extra). 

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