Sunday, January 27, 2013

Urban Gardening and Homesteading

The "Lot" in the Whitaker area of Eugene is run by a friend and local artist/plumber who has been in the Eugene area for many years. He purchased this small and wonderfully central parcel of land in the heart of town. As you will see already in the short amount of time he has put a "lot" of love into this once gravel parcel of land and totally transformed it.

 Behind is the water tower with a loft bed, lookout, outdoor shower. In front is a garden made from straw bales soil and some very nice and mature plants. 

Another image of the straw bale and chicken wire garden beds

 Garden beds and rustic bus 

Small greenhouse build next to bus with tomatoes inside

 This is outdoor solar shower and water tower. Want a custom showerhead or work done in the local Eugene area ? The number is above (area code 541).

 Pyramid Plumbing, also famous for signature shower heads, this one is for a goddess! Love!

 Water storage for small outdoor/indoor kitchen  

 Pyramid Plumbing artistry workshop, its showerhead dreamland. Custom showerheads!!

 Outdoor/indoor mini kitchen, hand built and with lots of recycled materials

 Mini burlap stage, and my shadow, hello!!

 Outdoor countertop and kitchen area

 Garden set up with straw bales, small greenhouse and bus storage area. 

 Whats a "lot" without a "lot dog"? Kitchen, water tower, greenhouse, and garden areas.

 That is how you create your own garden when you have a garden lot, and highly attractive and abundant as well!!!

 Another view of the outdoor/indoor kitchen structure and lovely tree!

 Myself in a dirty lil mirror I found, ello!

 Myself in the loft area of the watertower, log stacked steps, and bamboo curtains.
 This is the "Lot" summer 2012, we will see what 2013 summer brings!!! 

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