Monday, June 25, 2012

Community Garden 2012

Welcome to our community garden space. 
Just grab a tool and start where ever you like. 
Heck we'll even pour ya a glass of wine if you like ;)
Since I do not have much space of my own I have asked to utilize and help with a garden space at some friends house. This is great for me because I am highly motivated, will get to use as much produce as I like, and have partners to work with in the garden. Here are my two besties helping get motivated to start working. 
Planting some lovely tomatoes and creating a nice walkway between the rows. My nephew is only 2 but we let him help, I believe that is how one develops a lifelong interest in gardening.

This is our large space, so large we have decided that its too much for our first year so we will be using about 3/4 of the space for gardening and 1/4 for a safe fire area.
 We got a late start, but decided to plant some seeds anyway. They are up on the tables to help prevent snails from getting them while they are still so small. Always read the start to finish duration listed on each packet of seed so you know if your plant will have enough time to grow to produce.
Look how happy the tomatoes are a couple weeks after planting, also notice the gravel? Tomatoes do their best in gravel, so keep that in mind. Good luck gardening!!
 Beds rotatilled several times
 Bamboo and twine for tomato vines to grow on

Bamboo structure for beans and peas to grow up
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