Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Children of Newhope Orphanage

In the last year I have become friends with a orphanage and primary school based in Entebbe, Uganda. I have given efforts to help with their school via, updating their webpage and gaining interest and raising funds for the children of this school. Someday I plan to travel to Newhope and help them with growing a garden, raising chickens and possibly teaching about solar ovens (which I myself may have to learn more first).

I hope you will check out Newhope's webpage, and do what you can to help these children in need by sponsorship, helping gain interest, or travelling there yourself. You can also email me to see what current projects I am working on with them and what you can do to help. My email is fullspectrumschool@yahoo.com. Thank you for caring about the children! Here is the link:

As you can see this school can use YOUR help. Contributions go far in Uganda and are much appreciated by the children and staff at Newhope.

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