Monday, February 4, 2013

Make your own festive Yule Log

Yule is a great way to bring in winter celebrations around the winter Solstice. The tradition is to cut a tree around the property and use a log from the tree to decorate with evergreens and bring into the home. On the solstice or Yule, wishes are written and added to a decorated log  which is then burned along with the wishes. After the log is burned the ashes are used to surround the home's perimeter to ward off bad spirits and energies.

To make your own Yule log, you will need fresh cut evergreens, natural string, a bendable stick, a log, a cut of fabric or ribbon of you liking.  Start off with making a ring with your bendable stick, lay evergreens on the stick and slowly wrap with string covering the ring to make a wreath. Once wreath is done, lay cut log on the wreath for a base, tie more evergreens, sticks, moss, holly to the top of the log and tie in place.

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