Monday, April 4, 2011

Sprouting Raw Beans at Home

1 cup dry beans
2-3 cups of water
Mason jar with screen, fabric or nylon top

This project takes three days to create.
Day one: Rinse beans and let sit 12 hours in full jar of water soaking in water. Its easiest if you start in the morning or nighttime.
12 hrs later: Rinse beans well, if you like just shake around in mason jar with water a few times. This time DO NOT fill mason jar with water.
Next strain well, then put back into jar and open aired lid and remember NO WATER. I lay the jar upside down for about 5 mins to drain then flip back over to get air all day.
For the next 2-3 Days you will: rinse beans twice a day (remember you can use wastewater to water house plants), strain well, put back in jar to "sprout" more. By the end of day three (or 72 hours after original rinse and soak day). The beans are ready and soft enough to eat at this point you will need to keep them in the fridge.

Use these beans for: raw hummus, yumm sauce or yumm bowls, on salads or just for a snack. They will last a week or so in the refrigerater.

You can also sprout other types of beans and make other "raw" bean dips.

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